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all these music videos live on YouTube -- specifically, on my *soft vowel sounds* and Bitesize playlists. if you enjoy them, please “like” them & consider subscribing to my YouTube channel!

the latest *soft vowel sounds* release is “Cisgender” -- a live recording of a 1970s classic rock hit, albeit with the lyrics “trans-ed” (for reasons explained in the video; the song-proper starts at about 1:40 into it...).

the first *soft vowel sounds* record is Ray versus Macbeth and the Music Box, part one -- the following videos are from that recording.

“Open Letter” is a “coming out” song that was originally written for my previous band Bitesize, although we never formally recorded it. here is the *svs* version:

here is a lyric-driven video for my “Lola”-parody “Ray”:

here is the video for “Music Box” -- it is about being a third wheel and it appropriately takes place inside of a vehicle:

videos from Julia’s previous band Bitesize:

I often close my *svs* sets with a rendition of the Bitesize favorite “I Killed Sting”:

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