*soft vowel sounds* is the latest solo musical project from former Bitesize guitarist/singer/principal songwriter Julia Serano. so what, pray tell, does it sound like? quirky noise-pop? high fidelity lo-fi? bedroom music for people who sometimes leave their bedrooms? just listen for yourself. . .

new news!
Julia (of *soft vowel sounds* & Bitesize semi-fame) was recently interviewed by Bandcamp about her experiences with music and identity, along with tracks of some of her songs -- be sure to check out!

also, both *soft vowel sounds* and Bitesize can now be found on Spotify via those links, if you are into that thing . . . ok, here is the next show:

February 13, 2020 -- *soft vowel sounds* will be playing a queer bands show at El Rio (3158 Mission Street, San Francisco). The other bands will be Polythene Pam, Shawna Virago, and The Forgetmenauts. It's a FREE show starting promptly at 8pm (Julia/*svs* is on first!). More details in the Facebook invite for the show.

If you want to receive updates about upcoming shows and new releases, sign up for the *soft vowel sounds* email list and receive a free mp3 with each update!

other news!
The latest *soft vowel sounds* release is “Cisgender” -- a live recording of a 1970s classic rock hit, albeit with the lyrics “trans-ed” (for reasons explained in the video; the song-proper starts at about 1:40 in).

older news!
The first *soft vowel sounds* record is called Ray versus Macbeth and the Music Box, part one. Classic rock aficionados may recognize that the title and cover art reference the 1970 The Kinks’ album that introduced the world to the eventual hit song “Lola” -- the *soft vowel sound* song “Ray” is a charming contemporary musical parody of “Lola” written from a decidedly different perspective. Ray versus. . . also contains three other ditties: “Music Box,” “Open Letter,” and “Macbeth.”

Learn more about the record on the official Ray versus... webpage. you can listen to & download the record at the *svs* Bandcamp site and other music retailers (see sidebar). and here are videos for three songs from the record:

“Open Letter” is a “coming out” song that was originally written for my previous band Bitesize, although we never formally recorded it. here is the *svs* version:

here is a lyric-driven video for my “Lola”-parody “Ray”:

here is the video for “Music Box” -- it is about being a third wheel and it appropriately takes place inside of a vehicle:

I often close my *svs* sets with a rendition of the Bitesize favorite “I Killed Sting” -- here is a video for that song as well:

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