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Right now, we only have one item for purchase: the *soft vowel sounds* 4-song debut EP Ray versus Macbeth and the Music Box, part one . Digital downloads of the recording can be purchased from numerous online retailers, including (but not limited to) CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play/Music, and (least expensively) the *soft vowel sounds* Bandcamp webpage where you can “Name Your Price.”

For those of you who are old-school and prefer physical CDs, you can order them below via PayPal. Click on the picture to find out more info about the item. When you think you have spent enough money, click the View Cart button to check out. You will be billed a small shipping/handling fee in addition to your purchase. Items will be shipped by USPS Media Mail, so you must be within the U.S. to order & receive them.

*soft vowel sounds*
Ray Versus Macbeth & the Music Box, part one (2014)

4 song compact disc (CD)
And if you find yourself craving even more of Julia’s music, digital copies (MP3, AIFF, etc.) of the entire Bitesize catalog are currently available on Bandcamp via these links: From any of those pages, you can click “Buy Digital Discography” to purchase all 36 songs for a mere $10.40 (35% OFF). Individual tracks are also available for $1 a pop.

Finally, ye olde physical CDs of Bitesize records can be purchased directly from the Bitesize website.

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